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Central to the DGD process is the importance of well-curated fabrics. It is our mission to make our Darlings not only look, but also feel amazing. That is why we are meticulous about the materials that adorn and touch our darlings’ skin. At DGD we utilize high quality silk, cotton, wool and viscose fabrics that aren't overly processed with chemicals and/or toxins that could be harmful to your skin and our environment. We are proud to source the majority of our cloth from a sustainable source in Brazil, and every selection has been scrutinized and hand chosen by our head designer, Daniel Gonzalez.

During our creative process, we pay close attention to the way that a chosen fabric feels and drapes on the body. We look for the best materials that will flatter the body, so you feel confident and powerful in our designs. With a DGD creation, comes a sensory experience that is designed for our Darlings’ enjoyment. 

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