Daniel Gonzalez is a Colombian American womenswear designer based in Charlotte, NC. After moving to the United States from Pereira, Colombia with his family at the age of nine, his mother signed him up for ballroom dancing as a way to stay connected to his heritage. Daniel’s passion and dedication for dance led him to become an international competitive dancer at a very young age, but this was only the beginning.


One fateful day in 2009, preparing for the biggest competition in the world, Daniel’s dance partner was in need of a dress. Daniel recruited his mother to teach him how to sew, bought the materials and worked up his first creation. As he continued to create his partner’s costumes, he began to capture the attention of other professional and amateur dancers. So in 2014 he launched a bespoke ballroom costume business and convinced his aunt, a professional seamstress, to come from Spain to Charlotte to teach him pattern making and draping. He was hooked.


As Daniel’s passion and talent for creating beautiful dresses grew, so did his clientele. By 2018, requests began coming from outside of the dance world, beginning with creating a special ball gown for the Ryder’s Cup gala in Versailles, France. During the pandemic the business continued to grow organically and Daniel fell in love with the privilege of dressing leading women in beautiful feminine pieces that brought out their best selves and gave them the confidence to succeed. Today the brand offers a seasonal ready to wear collection that carries women from the office to the opera and everywhere in between with effortless elegance and timeless style.